A Few of My Favorite Things about the Meridian Library District

My list goes on and on.  Books tops the list – physical books that are inhaled and tangibly experienced form the core of my favorite pastime. However, as a working mom of 2 young children, my favorite pastime has become more of a luxury.  And with that shift in focus, my love has grown beyond books to recognize and appreciate the many ways that the library supports me.  The Meridian Library District embodies the ideas of community and childhood literacy.

My family uses and loves the children’s section of the library.  Because of the excellent children’s programs, my children are growing up with a familiarity and love of the library that sows fertile soil for the future of my children.  I love that the librarians have know my kids.   I love that the librarians are so knowledgeable, thoughtful, and engaging.  I love it when my son says, “these are the books I would like to borrow, mom”, and with that statement, understands that we are to be good stewards of the book for the time we have it so that someone else in our community can enjoy it just as much.

As a mom with limited “me” time I love that I can find reading lists on the library website, and that I can search inventory and reserve a book on-line.  That way when my children are buzzing around in a frenzy over their books, I can have my own reading ready for easy pick up in the same visit without disturbing quieter patrons, as my children learn what it means to be a library patron and supporter.

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Teddi Scales

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The cost breaks down to $0.92 per $100,000 property value per month annually.  What do I get from the library daily, weekly, monthly, or annually?  I receive access to the expertise of the librarians on many fronts at a moments notice: children’s literature, entertaining books to read, electronic and technological resources that will change the way small business entrepreneurs do business.   Most importantly, through the library services that I receive, I get an experience of community support that is tangible.