I implore you ~ Vote Yes!


Friends of the Meridian Free Library District exists to aid and assist the Library District in accomplishing its mission and goals.  Now is a time when we can serve the library in a time of need.  The Meridian Library is serving a growing population with resources designed twenty years ago for a population half the size of Meridians population today.  The upcoming Bond measure will enable the library to better serve geographical breadth and population size of Meridian.

Please Vote Yes, and please vocalize your support of Yes.

I implore you, my neighbors, to consider the value of our public library services.  Public Education of the general population is a distinctly American hallmark in the development of a democratic society.  Access to literacy and to education for our citizens has been a fundamental core value first provisioned by the United States to its citizens.  The public library provides a fundamental institution to that purpose, serving to grant equal access to opportunity to all of our citizens.

The Meridian Public Library is a critical partner in creating the kind of community that produces critical thinkers, innovators, and participatory neighbors.  The library is especially critical to our youth, supporting early literacy, STEM advocacy, providing access and awareness to new technologies, and providing a safe and educational environment in which our teens can study, learn, and be.  This becomes especially important to families with less financial resources, homeschoolers, and parents looking for supplemental frameworks to educate their children.

An educated citizenry pays if forward to future generations by creating stronger economic viability.  A Yes vote for the Meridian Library District is an easy, inexpensive investment in our most powerful and productive resource, our human capital, present and future.  Investment in good schools and libraries also creates a competitive attraction to businesses and to educated labor forces.  The cost breaks down to $0.92 per $100,000 property value per month annually.

What does our library district provide per month annually?  Meridian library embodies and fosters the meaning of community with a very tangible and mindful presence.

Meridian Library District has approximately 90 programs listed in its fall schedule.  These include all ages.  The expertise of the librarians covers many fronts: children’s literature, entertaining books to read, electronic and technological resources that empower the way small business entrepreneurs do business.   Examples include:  toddler song, dance and reading, fit and fall proof senior exercise, Minecraft clubs, family craft sessions, adult craft sessions, moms who code, family book clubs, art sessions, book clubs for all ages and across genres, sessions for writers, earth science experiments, a tween advisory board, game nights, poetry slams, author visits, movies, contests using the 3d printer at unbound, and more!

The library remains a relevant font of resource to our community, bringing a culmination of human knowledge, experience, culture, and entertainment to our fingertips and to our interpersonal interactions in a way that devices alone cannot.

Meridian in this place and time is fortunate in that we now have the opportunity to pay it forward and support the development of our human capital, our economic viability, and our community as this place we love to live and work.  Please, Vote Yes.

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