Our Mission

Friends of the Meridian Library District Mission

Put simply:

Meridian Library District is a critical and relevant partner in building a vibrant and curious culture in Meridian.  Friends of Meridian Library District is here to support and to advocate for the programs, tools, and services that they provide to our community.

As outlined in our Bylaws:

In accordance with its defined purpose (Articles of Incorporation, Article II), Friends shall undertake activities to aid and assist the Meridian Free Library District. It shall accomplish this goal through the following:

  • Providing an agency for the acceptance of gifts from persons interested in this organization
  • Soliciting funds from business firms and individuals interested in library development to carry out the objectives of the organization
  • Acting as a community sponsor for specific library development projects
  • Performing any other such activity as may be assigned from time to time by the President or the Board of Directors or requested by the Meridian Free Library District